The Differences Between Calligraphy Haircut And Razor Cut

A great haircut can give you a real confidence boost making you feel like a new person! Changing your look can bring a sense of visibility, vibrance, and beauty, and allow you to explore and empower this aspect of your life.

All you need to do now, with the help of your stylist, is choose a style that suits you. Two popular fashion trends are calligraphy and razor haircuts – find out more about the differences between a calligraphy haircut and a razor cut here…

Calligraphy haircut

calligraphy haircut blade

This specific technique uses a special hairstyling tool known as a calligraphy knife or pen which is a long thin metal instrument with a sharp blade on the end that when used correctly can add volume to your hair without losing the soft lines.

The hair is expertly cut at a 21-degree angle, known as feathering, removing any split ends and resulting in your hair absorbing more moisture and nourishment. It’s actually exactly the same angle as florists cut flower stems to maximise their intake of water, so just like the flowers, your hair stays healthier for longer.

The texture of your hair will be greatly improved so this cut works perfectly for all hair types, and works particularly well for fine hair. It simply makes your hair lighter and easy to style and means you can go longer between cuts.

A calligraphy haircut before and after takes off inches but actually leaves ends looking and feeling softer without making the length appear shorter. Because of the hair preserving technique, you’ll get bouncy and voluminous hair with reduced split ends which you can easily style at home.

Razor haircut

hair dressing razor blade

Hairdressing with a razor involves using a standard straight-edged razor in addition to the traditional scissor cut. The razor cut is all about creating a whisper, lighter look where light sections of your hair will appear to float.

In skilled hands, a razor cut is suitable for straight hair that isn’t prone to frizzing as the hair strands are shaved at an angle towards the ends, but even difficult propositions such as curly, weighty hair can benefit from a good razor cut that creates movement and definition as lighter hair curls more naturally. Because the strands are thinned to the tips you’ll instantly get more texture and structure.

As razor cutting requires dexterity and a deep understanding of how hair moves it must be carried out by stylists that have the skills and the vision to execute the procedure at a proficient level.

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When a trained stylist uses a calligraphy pen it looks as if they’re writing in the air! And the experience of having a calligraphy cut has been likened to your hair getting a gentle massage. Great artistic skills that create this magical impression result in fuller hair that feels soft and silky and is simple to style. The cut of the calligraphy pen can create up to 270% more volume, giving movement and bounce right up to the roots without the need for additional products.

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