Our Partners

  • Calligraphy Cuts

    Calligraphy Cuts is a patented razor-cutting system out of Germany that makes fine hair appear full and silky.

    The Calligraphy Cut combines careful craftsmanship, the passion for creativity and innovative techniques. The special calligraphy razor cuts the hair obliquely, comparable with the gentle cut of a flower stem, increasing the volume of the hair by anything from 150% up to 300% and allowing for much more flexibility in the individual strand.

    With Calligraphy Cut, the art of beautiful hair is cutting with unprecedented precision. The result is fuller hair which perceptibly feels soft and silky and is easy to style by creating different impressions.

    Frankie Cochrane is the exclusive distributor in the UK for Calligraphy Cuts.

  • Cochrane & Co Hair Replacement Systems

    Cochrane & Co is proud to be an approved provider of German-designed hair replacement systems. It is a non-surgical, technologically advanced and the world’s leading hair replacement product. It’s a 21st-century, hi-tech solution that is suitable for both men and women, and those suffering from medical alopecia issues. The services are delivered by the team at the Holborn hair salon, where you are guaranteed to look stylish and groomed, whatever your look.

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