Is A Calligraphy Cut Worth It?

Calligraphy is the latest trend in hair cutting and is perfect for both men and women with normal to fine hair. It’s also recommended as a hair treatment for split ends. This new technique involves the use of a special razor – called a calligraphy pen – and your stylist will shape the strands of hair and select the direction as they cut.

A general price guide for a calligraphy haircut and finish for ladies is around £95. And men’s £65. Is a calligraphy haircut worth it? Read on…

What Is the Definition of Calligraphy?

Calligraphy is the art of professionally producing decorative lettering or handwriting with a brush or pen. This visual art continues to flourish in the forms of invitations, logo and graphic design, and commissioned art. And now this Greek concept of beautiful writing by hand is being transformed into exquisite hair cutting with unparalleled precision.

Who Developed the Calligraph Blade?

A German master hairstylist by the name of Frank Brormann developed the tool after being inspired by flower cutting techniques. After eight years the blade was finally perfected. And the designer blade can only be used by trained and qualified stylists as an incredible level of expertise is needed for this style of hair cutting.

What is a Calligraphy Haircut?

The calligraph razor is used instead of scissors. And the hair is cut at an angle of 21 degrees. This leaves the hair stronger because of the increased surface area and fuller because of the unique 21 degrees angel. The cut surface remains smooth – ensuring split ends are kept at bay as the cut seals and protects the hair. And it can create up to 300% more volume. Your hair stylist will use the razor blade of the pen to create visible movement. And without any damage to the hair.

What Are the Benefits?

A calligraphy cut will:

  • Make hair lighter and easier to style without using extra products
  • Prevent damage to the hair
  • Give thin hair extra volume and texture
  • Keep hair ends healthy for much longer
  • Work for all hair types apart from very curly or overbleached hair
  • Define bobs, waves, and the sleek look
  • Ensure hair stays bouncy and flexible
  • Provide a longer time between cuts
  • Reduce split ends to an absolute minimum

How Does a Calligraphy Cut Stop Split Ends?

calligraphy haircut

Split ends happen when the outer layer of the hair cuticle breaks away from the main shaft. Resulting in a typical forked shape. The length of this split is an indication of how long the hair has been left untreated.

There are many conditions that can cause split ends and these include:

  • Weather – cold winds, hot sun, and UV rays all damage hair
  • Stress – overuse of chemical treatments.
  • Hair products – using the wrong shampoos and too often.
  • Styling tools – at temperatures that are too high.

And there are different methods to get rid of them:

  • Coating them with special treatments containing silicone oil.
  • Using boar bristle brushes and high-quality styling tools.
  • Applying hair masks that are suitable for damaged or over-processed hair.
  • A calligraphy cut is the perfect way of how to remove split ends.

Only the Professionals Will Do

Stylists at Frankie Cochrane specialize in the art of calligraphy haircutting – combining careful craftsmanship with innovative techniques. This method makes hair look fuller and bouncier from the roots to the tips. Your stylist will be highly trained in using the calligraphy – and you’ll get beautiful results that last.