Hair Styling

You’ll often hear people say its all about the hairstyle. And we know that by using our training skills from the Vidal Sassoon hair cutting disciplines we can pin down your vision. But we’re not trapped within any fixed view. And although the haircut is an integral part, we are aware you need more from us. So our cuts often step out the box pushing the boundaries to create an individual look, from scissor cuts to the latest calligraphy razor cuts that are sweeping Europe. Each cut from our hair stylists are a study in precision and beauty.

happy womanWe offer hair styling for all hair types. Everyone knows that there are certain hair types that need more professional care than others in order to look fabulous – if you have curly or grey hair you know exactly what we mean. At Frankie Cochrane salon we know how to enhance and take care of both grey or curly hair.

Our unique cutting styles even extend to our hair replacement system. We promise our guests with hair loss issues a cut they’ll love. We know cutting, we really do.


Ladies Cut & Finish – £85.00

Ladies Calligraphy Cut & Finish – £99

Blow Dry – £55.00

Blow Dry Long –  £65.00

Luxury Finish Add-On – £25.00

Men’s Cut & Finish – £59.00

Men’s Calligraphy Cut & Finish – £75

Semi-Permanent Med – £85

Semi Permanent Long – £95

Tint Full Head & Ends – £99

Tint Regrowth – £85

Highlights or Balayage Part Line – £99

Highlights or Balayage 1/2 Head – £120

Highlights or Balayage 3/4 Head – £145

Highlights or Balayage Full Head – £170

Men’s Colouring – £60

Toner Add-on – £35

Mens Colouring – £55.00

Toner Add-on – £30.00

Luxury Hair Treatment – £15.00

At Frankie Cochrane salon we have years of experience in styling all hair types.
So don’t panic - you’re in good hands!

Curly hair style

Curly Hair Styling

Most curly hairs look dry and crunchy. “How to tame frizzy hair” is the question every curly person is asking him or herself. We know how to manage your curls and waves. In our experienced hands, every day can be a “good hair day”! We know how to cut your curly hair in order to bring out its natural beauty. We have the best products that will style and moisturize your wavy hair.

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Grey Hair Care

Yes, you can choose even haircut based on your hair colour in order to bring out the best out of it.

A modern hairstyle with clean edges, such as a classic fade for men or a pixie cut for women can completely transform your look and make your grey hair look amazing. You should also trim your hair every 2 months to keep split ends under control. Avoid heavy styling products and intensive heat styling to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

If you want to colour your grey hair we can help you too as we work only with high-quality products that are designed to cover your grey hair completely.

Grey hair style

Styles Colour Clinic

New colour clients require a skin test 48 hours before their appointment, please come into the salon 48 hours before your appointment to have this done.
We’ve got over 25 years of experience in delivering colours and highlights. Our hair colourist can even complement tired eyes and accentuate jawlines and contours. It’s about going that genuine extra mile. Interestingly we sometimes have to offer a colour rescue service to new guests to put right disasters caused by the many careless operators out there. But we have the skill and technology at our fingertips. So from tints to complete changes of look we are with you on your style journey. From a new you to the classic you, our stylists have the level of expertise you expect. Passion for colour. It’s everything.

Male Haircuts

Mens hair new
It is vitally important that the haircut has dual styling capabilities that work with the structure of your face shape and enhancing them, to give you a strong jawline and focus to the eyes, taking into consideration recessional areas and balding spots. This attention to detail will make your haircut stand out from the other guys giving you that cutting edge and uniqueness.

If you are looking for inspiration just take a few minutes to study your favourite actor or personality as you can rest assured that they will have put in the effort to make their hair work correctly for them and their personal brand.

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