Calligraphy Haircut

calligraphy hair cut style

Straight hair and fine hair have a lot of in common. Both can look flat and lifeless sometimes. Both of these hair textures can lack body and volume. Both of them can be transformed with the Calligraphy cut!

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing by hand. Thousands of years ago, the Egyptians had already recognized this exceptional aesthetic aspect. These great artistic skills inspired the development of the calligraphy razor. The art of beautiful haircutting with unprecedented precision. The result- fuller hair which perceptibly feels soft and silky and is easy to style by creating different impressions – a magic experience for the guest and a joy for the artist.

The Calligraphy cut combines careful craftsmanship, the passion for creativity and innovative techniques. The special calligraphy razor cuts the hair obliquely, comparable with the gentle cut of a flower stem increasing the volume of the hair by anything from 150% up to 300% and allowing for much more flexibility in the individual strand.

Whenever you get a Calligraphy cut it feels like your hair is getting a gentle massage.
– Frank Brormann, inventor of the Calligraphy Pen.

Calligraphy Haircut Price

Ladies Calligraphy cut & Finish – £99.00

Mens Calligraphy cut & Finish – £75.00

calligraphy haircut blade

The method gives the hair a visibly flattering movement and the appearance of fuller and bouncier look from the ends right up to the roots without the need for added products.

Each salon has been selected to represent the calligraphy razor brand name based on the experience and creativity of that particular salon. The specialised training the stylist has to undergo means that the stylist knows exactly how to achieve the desired result and you will be sure to get only the best service.

Benefits of the Calligraphy Cut

The calligraphy techniques has many benefits over the traditional razor cut.

  • No harsh lines, gives a weightless feel to the hair
  • The unique razor blade of the pen prevents damage
  • Works great for a variety of hair types, especially for fine hair

What can you expect after a Calligraphy cut? A bouncy and voluminous hair with reduced split ends because of the hair preserving technique. Unlike scissors, the Calligraphy pen cuts hair at an angle, so it created up to 270% more volume! The Calligraphy effect will last till your next appointment and you can easily style your hair at home as well.

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