Which Hairstyles Suit A Long Face?

Hairstyles for Long Faces

We are frequently asked which hairstyles suit a long face? These require some careful thought if they’re not to draw attention to certain things you’d rather conceal.

Yet there are a huge number of fantastic, perfectly suited hairstyles to choose from if you do have a long face. Let’s explore…

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Do You Really Have a Long Face?

First thing’s first. You need to have a proper check to see whether you have a long face or not. It might “look” long to a passing glance, but is it really?

If you have a classic long face, your face will also be clearly longer than it is wide. You are also likely to have a slightly larger forehead than average.

Ask your hairstylist for their opinion if you’re in any doubt.

Which Hairstyles Suit a Long Face?

If you have a long face, you will be looking for a hairstyle that makes it less obvious. Anything that accentuates the length of your face is right out. You’ll want something that makes your face look a little rounder.

Some of the most popular features of a good hairstyle for long faces are:

Fringes – a fringe is excellent at making your face appear shorter if cut correctly.
Waves or soft curls – these soften your features as well as make your face appear a little wider by giving your hair more volume on the sides.
No added volume on top – anything that adds to the length of your face or head is not advisable. This includes things like short top layers in long cuts and rounding out the blend between the top layers and the side layers. This technique will elongate the appearance of your head, for sure.

Let’s call in some advice from the experts. Here, Frankie Cochrane, owner of Frankie Cochrane and Cochrane & Co hair salon in London, recommends some of the best hairstyles that suit a long face:

A Long Fringe

A long, sectioned fringe which hangs below your cheeks will balance the length of your face. Even more so if they have a slight wave in them.

The grown-out fringe is hugely popular at the moment and can provide an ideal, office-commanding look for women with long faces.

The similar bob cut with swept fringes looks great – especially if you are a professional in your 40s.

A Lob 

Another brilliant option if you have straight hair, the long bob with side fringe does require regular round brushing to keep the edges of your hair in position.

The small effort required is well worth it though. This can either be a casual-appearing and attractive or very professional look depending on how you wear it and is ideal for almost any woman in their 30s or 40s.

Pixie Cuts

If you have a long face but prefer short hair, here’s some good news:

Many pixie styles are actually ideal choices for you. Having hair down the sides of your face will help frame it.

The only potential downside is that some stylists argue pixie styles are not so good for very formal occasions, though this is largely a matter of taste.

Layered Chin Length Haircut

The layered chin-length haircut could be described as a bob with a twist.

The overall effect of this cut is to make your face appear shorter. It also softens your cheekbones, your nose and other facial features. In short, it’s the perfect solution.

If you’re still wondering what hairstyle suits a long face, this modern look is almost certainly worth considering.