Permanent Hair Dye V Semi-Permanent

semi or permanent Hair dye

Hair dye is defined as a natural or synthetic substance used to change hair colour. The main reasons for choosing to do this are typically to become more fashionable, cover grey hair, or restore original hair colour after it’s been bleached by the sun. Colouring can add lustre and emphasise texture achieving extra volume but there’s an overwhelming collection of shades and colouring processes to choose from. What is the difference between permanent hair dye and semi? Read on to find out more…

Permanent Hair Dye

Permanent hair colouring is a chemical processing where you can adjust the light, dark, warmth and tone of your colour for a long-lasting change. Hydrogen and ammonia combine to open up the hair cuticle and interact with the melanin and keratin to change the hair structure.

Permanent hair colour must be mixed with a developer and an activator before use and application will open the hair shaft to add the artificial pigment which permanently changes the colour composition of your hair.

The colour will grow out from the root and can last up to eight weeks depending on the speed of hair growth. Touch-ups may be needed about every four weeks to avoid noticeable dark roots if your hair has been substantially lightened.

Semi Permanent Hair Dye

Semi-permanent hair dye is a low maintenance form of hair colouring that doesn’t contain any chemicals like ammonia or peroxide. Hair glazes and glosses boost shine and revive colour but on a temporary basis as colours wear off in about three weeks.

Semi-permanent hair colour adds dye to the surface of your hair but won’t permanently change hair structure or colour. It’s not designed to cover grey hair but is used simply to refresh or temporarily change the tone so is ideal for short-term colour changes. Colour reviving glosses refresh faded tones and add a boost of shine and last up to eight shampoos.

Temporary Hair Colour

Demi-permanent hair colours can temporarily cover grey hair with artificial pigment and generally last up to two weeks. If you’re looking to extend the time between salon visits or home colouring this is a good option. The product can be blended onto the hair with a drip-free applicator and eventually washes out with shampoo without altering your underlying hair colour. Similar processes to add instant colour to your hair quickly to provide instant coverage include chalks, powders and mascara wands! You can experiment with different colours and get a quick-fix colour whenever you need it.

Root touch-ups are also temporary hair colours designed to camouflage grey hairs and can be purchased in a handy compact with a brush to apply the product which is rain-proof and sweat-proof making it a perfect in-between colour option.

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