The Difference Between Layers & Steps

It’s a common misconception that two types of popular haircuts – layers and steps – are the same. Although they do have similarities, they are quite different in the technique used to deliver the results you desire!  What is the difference between layers and steps? Read on to find out…

The Layer Cut

Subtle layers of hair are created by cutting different sections of hair into different lengths. The blend of these layers ensures that they’re not obvious. This gives hair volume and thickness, and texture. A layered cut is perfect for fine or medium hair as the cut adds body and style. Ideally each individual hair will have been cut at a precise angel of 90 degrees to the head. This will ensure maximum weight removal from the very ends of the hair which will increase volume and bounciness. For best results ask about our Calligraphy Cut.

Strategically placed layers can add better proportions to your face shape by emphasising your eyes, lips, or cheeks. This flattering cut removes excess weight to provide shape, movement, and fullness.

Thin hair benefits from light layers as they can add movement without taking too much hair away. Plus, they can add bounce to short, naturally curly hair. Lighter hair also makes styling layered hair less time-consuming.

Best layered haircuts include tapered, textured, and graduated bobs. With a variety of lengths and finishes, there’ll be one that flatters your face shape. Low-maintenance and natural-looking qualities are the keys to the overall chic and present-day look.

Short layered hairstyles can be sassy, sweet, or sultry. Enhancing texture and volume of cropped locks adds diversification to any current short hairstyle, whilst long, layered cuts with bangs are convenient and effortless-looking.

The Step Cut

Although the step cut may have the same layers the difference is in the clearly visible steps. This step cut is a term used to describe a graduated haircut or where the hair is cut below the angle of 90 degrees. Different sections of hair are cut into variable lengths with spacing between the end of one section and the next – resulting in a sequence of tumbling steps that usually start just below the ear.

You can choose a two-step option – with the shortest layer just above the shoulder and the next layer a few inches below. Or go for a three-step cut to give even more variation and texture, and a lively and springy bounce. A step cut works exceptionally well with curly hair as the bulk of the hair stays balanced giving an edgier, more youthful appeal to styling applications.

A step cut will frame your face more sharply than a layer cut – and works well with oval, square, and round face shapes. And you can make a step-cut look even trendier by adding waves to the end sections.

Haircuts for semi curly hair include the step cut – as more hair is combed in from the side and cut in a straight line the multiple layers are encouraged to curl out. The step cut is suitable for both moderately wavy as well as thick hair. The graduated step cut hairstyle will cascade in steps and when blow-dried or scrunched will achieve a soft, tousled look.

The Professionals

When you need to trust an expert to find you the style you deserve – take a trip to the Frankie Cochrane salon. Short haircuts for curly hair are just one of the types of styling expertise you’ll be offered. Managing your curls and waves, and cutting it to bring out its natural beauty will be carried out with care.

You’ll get the look you desire that’s the height of fashion by working with an experienced hairstylist. Wavy and celeb-glamorous hair, or a sharp step cut – let your stylist give you all the help and advice you need – and then work their magic.