The Different Types of Blow Dry

Different Types of BlowdryWhat is a blowout hair treatment? Simply put a blowout or blowdry is the art of drying your hair after a wash into your desired style. With a blowout, your stylist can create many effects to make your hair soft, shiny, and give loads of volume.

The blowout treatment consists of a hair wash with shampoo and conditioner, a blow-dry using an entire range of different brushes, and a touch-up with a flat or curling iron and professional hair care products. For the ultimate in fashion and beauty, this is exactly what your hair needs!

What Are The Different Types of Blowdry?

Common types of blowout include:

Brazilian Blow Dry

The Brazilian blowout has become notorious for the way in which it transforms the hair by eliminating frizz and promoting intense shine. The treatment consists of a liquid keratin formula that bonds to your hair creating a protective layer, and after applying the treatment your hair is blow-dried, straightened, rinsed out and blow-dried again.

The heat causes the chemicals to activate resulting in a style that’s hydrated, smoother, and more resilient to heat styling. Want to know why it’s called a Brazilian blowout? It originated in Brazil with ingredients such as annatto seed, camu camu, and acai berry!

The difference between a keratin treatment and other blowout treatments is that it keeps your hair smooth and frizz-free for up to three months and often even longer.

Curly Blow Out

Managing your curly hair so that every day can be a good hair day will be the aim of your experienced stylist. The best products will be used for a style that enhances the natural beauty of your hair. The key is to apply the product whilst your hair is wet as this achieves definition. A leave-in treatment may also be used to moisturise without weighing down curls.

Bouncy Blowdry

To achieve a bouncy blowout your stylist will wrap one section of hair at a time around a natural bristle brush and gently pull your hair down to smooth and straighten. Your hair may be pinned up as it cools to set the shape further and lock in the style. As the pins are released your hair will be dressed out with an oval brush.

Wavy Blow Out

A wavy blowout will frame your face softly and add a casual-chic style. Products will be used that volumise your hair and hold it whilst also protecting it from the heat of the dryer. A round brush will be used to add volume and wave and then sections may be set in velcro rollers to cool. Once your hair is completely dry the rollers will be released and the results will be shiny, bouncy waves that last for days.

How to Make Your Blowdry Last Longer

A blowout is designed to last for several days depending on your hair texture and thickness. If you want to keep it for longer try these following tips:

Don’t wash your hair again or use any other products on the day of your treatment
Keep your hair out of the rain and wear a shower cap in the shower
Sleep on a satin pillowcase and put long hair into a loose bun or ponytail
Try not to take part in activities that make you perspire
Use a dry shampoo at the roots if hair starts to get a bit greasy

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