What Is The Calligraphy Haircut?

The calligraphy haircut is the newest hairstyle sensation trending on Instagram – as well as in the world's top fashion capitals Paris and LA.

So what is a calligraphy cut? Why would you want to get one?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about the calligraphy style, from the owner and director of the only UK salon currently offering it:

What is a calligraphy haircut?

The calligraphy haircut seems to be everywhere at the moment. It actually came out of Germany, but it's now all the rage far beyond Europe.
The technique relies on a special tool, called a Calligraph or Calligraphy Pen. So-called because when a trained stylist uses it, it looks a little like they're writing in the air.
Some of the trendiest hairdressers in the world – in Europe, the US, Russia and elsewhere – are all experimenting with the incredible looks which can be achieved using this new technique.

The only place where it doesn't seem to be widely available is the UK. In fact, Frankie Cochrane is the only salon in the country where there are stylists who are qualified and licensed to use the Calligraphy Pen.

What is a hairdressing Calligraphy Pen?

This funky little tool has a blade set at an angle which creates a 21-degree cut across the end of each hair strand. The experts believe that this maximises the surface area of your hair, allowing each strand to absorb more moisture and nourishment.
This results in hair which stays healthier for longer and which actually looks longer even though you're cutting it.

calligraphy haircut blade

(That 21 degrees is the same angle florists cut flower stems at to maximise their water intake, trivia fans. The same idea works with hair too. The originator of the technique – stylist Frank Brormann – really did take his original inspiration from flower trimming.)

What is the difference between a razor haircut and a scissor haircut?

Scissors and razors are two of the most common hairdressing tools. Yet the way they actually cut hair is slightly different...

Your scissors cut hair fairly evenly across length and layers. Razors, on the other hand, cut the ends of hair at various lengths and leave tapered ends rather than a straight cut.
Having your hair cut with a razor can leave the ends feeling and looking softer than they do when cut with scissors. The downside is that this can cause some hair types to look a little frizzy – or cause difficulty when you're planning subsequent treatments like perming.

hair strands
flower trimming
hair strands cut
brushed hair strands

The Calligraphy Pen goes to the next level entirely. Even after three years of training to use the Pens, our stylists are still amazed how they can add extra volume, how healthy they keep the hair between cuts and how good they are at removing split ends.

Benefits of the calligraphy haircut

There are a huge number of reasons why the calligraphy haircut is taking the world by storm.
It's probably making the biggest impact as a cure for split ends. If it's wielded by a professional who's been trained to use it, the Calligraph will gently remove split ends better than any scissors or razor possibly can.
It also:

  • Keeps your hair healthier for much longer
  • Gives your hair more texture and volume
  • Makes your hair lighter and easier to style
  • Means you can go for longer between hair cuts
  • Helps define sleek looks, bobs and waves

Which type of hair is suitable for a calligraphy haircut?

calligraphy hair cut model
calligraphy pen hair model
calligraphy hair model
Calligraphy pen hair cut model

The calligraphy tool can be used on almost all hair types and to create almost any hairstyle.
The only time you might want to ask for some advice first is if you've accidentally over-bleached your hair or your hair is naturally very thick and curly.

Should I get a calligraphy cut?

As a Calligraphy Pen can be used to create any style, from bobs to long sleek looks, there aren't many reasons not to get a calligraphy cut. It's ideal for men as well as women.
Even the most style change-averse people are risking trying it out. Mainly because it's essentially your normal style plus a better result.
If you're worried that you've got the kind of over-bleached or incredibly thick and curly hair which might not be suitable, all you need to do is ask one of our stylists.

Will having a calligraphy cut change the way my hair is styled?

The short answer is no.

It does tend to take a little longer than a scissors cut. But then, it also means blow-drying your hair takes about 30% less time. So, in the long-run, it's probably a time-saver.
That extra time is there because your stylist uses a kind of pulsing stroke to cut your hair. This pulsing stroke is very relaxing for the client and is similar to the tapping technique used in Indian massage. It can create up to 300% more volume and a healthier, lighter overall result – one in which split ends are almost entirely removed.

Where can I get a calligraphy cut?

If you're in the UK, there's only one place you can currently get a calligraphy haircut:
Frankie Cochrane in Holborn, Central London.
If you're not in the UK, just be sure that when you enquire about a calligraphy haircut the person using the tool has the training to use it properly.

Only then will you be able to enjoy all of the unique benefits of the calligraphy haircut technique.