What is The Calligraphy Cut?

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The calligraphy haircut is the latest hairstyle sensation that's trending on Instagram, as well as in top fashion capitals such as Paris and LA. But what exactly is a calligraphy cut and why should you consider getting one? Here's everything you need to know about this style, straight from the owner and director of the only UK salon offering it.

What is a calligraphy haircut? The calligraphy haircut is a technique that's become incredibly popular across the globe, although it originated in Germany. It involves using a special tool called a Calligraph or Calligraphy Pen, which looks like the stylist is writing in the air when they use it. This technique is being experimented with by the trendiest hairdressers worldwide and can create incredible looks.

However, the only place where it's not widely available is the UK, and Frankie Cochrane is currently the only salon in the country with qualified and licensed stylists who can use the Calligraphy Pen.

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What is a Hairdressing Calligraphy Pen?

This funky little tool has a blade set at a 21-degree angle, which creates a 21-degree cut across each hair strand. Experts believe that this maximises the surface area of the hair, allowing each strand to absorb more moisture and nourishment. This results in healthier-looking hair that stays nourished for longer, even though you're cutting it.

What is the difference between a razor haircut and a scissor haircut? Scissors and razors are the two most common hairdressing tools, but they cut hair differently. Scissors cut hair evenly across the length and layers, while razors cut the ends of hair at various lengths, leaving tapered ends instead of a straight cut. A calligraphy cut goes beyond this as it adds extra volume, keeps hair healthy between cuts, and removes split ends.

Benefits of the calligraphy haircut The calligraphy haircut is taking the world by storm for a variety of reasons, including curing split ends better than any other tool when wielded by a trained professional. Additionally, it:

✓ Keeps hair healthier for longer
✓ Gives hair more texture and volume
✓ Makes hair lighter and easier to style
✓ Allows for longer periods between haircuts
✓Helps to define sleek looks, bobs, and waves

Which Hair Types Can Have a Calligraphy Cut?

The calligraphy tool can be used on almost all hair types and can create almost any hairstyle. However, if you have over-bleached hair or naturally thick and curly hair, it's best to seek advice before getting a calligraphy cut.

Should I Get a Calligraphy Cut?

There aren't many reasons not to get a calligraphy cut, as it can be used to create any style, from bobs to long sleek looks, and is suitable for any gender. If you're hesitant about whether your hair type is suitable, simply ask one of our stylists.

Will a Calligraphy Cut Change the Way my Hair is Styled?

No, a calligraphy cut won't change the way your hair is styled, but it may take a little longer than a traditional scissor cut. However, blow-drying your hair will take 30% less time, making it a time-saver in the long run. The pulsing stroke technique used during the cut is also very relaxing for the client, similar to the tapping technique used in Indian massage, and can create up to 300% more volume and a healthier, lighter overall result.

Where Can I Get a Calligraphy Cut?

Frankie Cochrane in Holborn, Central London, is currently the only place in the UK where you can get a calligraphy cut. However, if you're not in the UK, make sure the person using the tool has proper training before you get a calligraphy cut to enjoy all its unique benefits.