Protecting Your Hair During The Summer

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It’s been hot, hot, hot in London, not to mention in most of Europe. Whether you’re hanging about at home or taking yourself away to your favourite holiday destination, you’re going to want to protect your hair from the ravages of the sun and the sea. 

Really, we should wear hats, because exposure to UV rays can damage your hair at the molecular level. That sun-bleached hair? It’s actually the sun stripping your hair of its colour. But if you’re not a hat sort of person, you’ll need to take some preventive measures.

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Sun Damage

It’s not just the heat of the sun that can damage your hair; it’s also the UV rays. If you’re in dry heat, the hot wind can dry out our hair and scalps, giving our locks a slightly burnt, split-ends look. If it’s so hot that you end up with a sweaty scalp, then your hair will attract dust and pollution that can build up in your hair.

Either way, your best option is to wash your hair more. It will help keep your scalp and hair from being a hospitable environment for bacteria, and keeps the dust from accumulating, giving your hair a dull, tired look. Also, moisturise your hair to replenish the hydration in your hair.

Water Damage

Swimming keeps you cool, but can damage your hair. If you swim in a pool, the chlorine and other chemicals can discolour your hair. Blonde hair especially turns a fetching shade of green. This is because the water evaporates, leaving the chemicals to dry and eat away at your hair.  Swimming in salt water has a similar effect. A pro tip from swim instructors is to comb your hair through with a leave-in conditioner before going into the water as a way to protect your hair. Wash your hair right after your swim, and you’ll have a silky head of hair.

Even swimming in fresh water should end with a good hair rinse. No need to let the minerals and bacteria from lakes and other still bodies of water coat your hair and scalp.

Your After-Holiday Hair

If, after your holiday, you realise you’ve overdone the sun and under-protected your hair, come in for a treatment. We can get your hair looking city-fit again. Book online today.