Best Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Long wavy hair isn’t straight or curly but simply curves slightly. Shaped beachy waves are larger in size and less defined with a bouncy and voluminous texture, and enhancing natural waves can be achieved by using naturally derived and synthetic ingredients to smooth strands and encourage softness.

Wavy hair has many natural characteristics and tends to form in an S shape. It can be fine, medium-textured, or thick and coarse. The beauty of this hair type is that it can be blow-dried straight, or scrunched for maximum volume and bounce – and you can easily achieve a soft, tousled look.

Deciding on the haircut that suits your hair type is the key to keeping it looking fabulous and understanding cuts and techniques will help you choose the right style for you.

The crucial factor in keeping wavy hair looking fantastic is the cut. So, is step cut or layered cut better for wavy hair? Find out more here…

Get Step Cut Savvy

What is a step cut?

This term is used to describe a graduated haircut where the hair takes on cascading steps. This technique reduces the volume to create more discipline and less frizz, and due to the separation between the steps, the shape will be maintained as the hair grows.

The step haircut starts with the first step below the ear with gaps then created between layers. Typically two-step layers are the most popular choice as this offers movement and shaped volume. It’s a cut that’s best suited for thick, wavy hair types and results in an edgy bouncy look with distinguished levels. The widely spaced layers are clearly visible and look amazing even when straightened.

A step haircut is perfect for round, square, and oval face shapes, as the step cut for long hair lengthens, frames, and highlights your features.

Getting your hair cut professionally will ensure step cutting is accurately carried out. Stylists from Frankie Cochrane Hair Salon in Holborn are trained and skilled in the graduated step cut hairstyle. The shortest layer is just above the shoulder with the next layer a few inches below. As more hair is combed in from the sides and cut in a straight line the multiple layers are encouraged to curl out – making it perfect for moderately wavy hair. Damp hair will be accurately measured and cut in a straight line. More strands will be combed in from the sides to ensure that when combed back in place they fall in multiple layers. This graduated step cut hairstyle cascades in steps. Ask your stylist to explain the difference between a step-cut and a layered cut before you choose. This will ensure that you choose the right hairstyle that suits you.

Learn about Layered Haircuts

What is a layered cut?

A layered cut increases hair volume and is extremely versatile as you can choose from long or short layers, through to diagonal or invisible ones. Other types of layers include rounded and wispy, or long layered hair with bangs, all of which enhance hair texture naturally.

This subtle cut can also take away volume without compromise as layers can be customised for every hair length. Long layered hair features texture across the hair lengths that aren’t prominent and are blended in. This results in hair looking full-bodied and voluminous.

A layered haircut is ideal for all types of faces because of its versatility and is best suited for hair types that require more volume. Focus is placed on enhancing the natural hair look with layers that create the illusion of length and volume.

Medium length layered hairstyles are chic and add volume as the layer cut involves cutting different lengths throughout the hair. Layers blend with no gaps in between each cut hair allowing hair to flow.

There’s a whole host of flattering styles to choose from including:

    • Layered haircuts with bangs

Opt for long, layered bangs that frame your face – long side-swept bangs, bangs on a slant, or side choppy bangs can conceal a high forehead, add femininity or look great with a messy hairstyle.

    • Tousled pixie cuts

Layers on layers give an impression of enhanced texture where short pieces and extra-long strands are smartly blended to give an edgy style that remains the height of fashion.

    • Bobs

Modern bob haircuts feature innovations where layered bob hairstyles are among the favourites. A perfect solution for wavy hair as layering increases volume and makes the overall look present-day. Messy bob styles are super chic, and medium bobs are classic and classy.

    • Hairstyles with fringes and layers

The layered cut can disguise a round face as it draws attention away from the fullness. Choppy fringes and layers add an extra dose of texture to wavy hair.



Both step cuts and layer cuts are amazing hairstyles with the difference being that step cuts are visibly cut to look edgy whilst layer cuts add volume without the layers being shown.

Hair Texture Facts

There are many types of hair texture. And all need to be treated differently.

Fine wavy hair can be weighed down by too much product, or products that are too heavy or sticky. Caring for fine wavy hair is a delicate balance – opt for a dry shampoo in between washes, and add extra volume by spritzing with a salt spray.

Medium texture hair falls between fine and thick. It’s not as fragile as fine hair and can be easily manipulated into styles. Layers work particularly well for creating volume and softening hairlines.

Thick natural hair is strong and can tolerate heat well as well as resisting breakage, hair colourants, and chemical relaxers. Frizzing is a common issue and thick wavy hair needs regular moisturising with recommended oils such as coconut or Moroccan.

Care for Your Layered Hair

Whether you’ve opted for a step-cut or a layered cut maintaining your new look is simple if you follow these guidelines:

  • Visit your local hairstylist in Holborn every six weeks to keep your style looking fantastic
  • Using hair products designed for your hair texture: shampoos, rinses, and hair treatments that keep hair healthy and shiny
  • Towel-drying hair rather than blow-drying to avoid dehydrating strands and spray in sea salt spray coating hair from roots to ends to bring out waves
  • Air-drying hair and scrunching for added volume without heat
  • Sleeping on wet hair to encourage natural waves
  • Removing frizz by applying a quality mousse to lock in moisture
  • Intensifying shine and volume with hair waxes that won’t weigh hair down

Chat To Your Professional Hairdresser In Holborn

If you’re still unsure, why not combine the two styles and go for a layered step cut? Make a hair appointment with your professional stylist and receive all the advice you need – and the cut that makes you look and feel fantastic!

When you need an expert, friendly advice on layered hairstyles simply visit your trusted local stylist. You’ll get a cut that enhances the shape of your face. And the characteristics of your hair. You’ll get a proper cut and style with all the right products. The perfect solution to embracing your wavy hair.