Can I Use Hairspray Every Day?

Hairspray is an excellent way of fixing hair and ensuring that your style doesn’t come undone mid-occasion. If you’re someone who likes to take care of their hairstyle every day or your profession demands it, you may be wondering if you can and should use hairspray every day. Yes, it has fixing qualities as well as leaves your hair looking glossy, voluminous and smelling fresh. But is it a bad idea to use it every day? Let’s find out.


Can you use hairspray every day?

There are conflicting views about using hairspray every day. Some sources will tell you that it is harmful while others will tell you that it is not. The harm comes from using the wrong hairspray on your hair. This means that if you use high quantities of hairspray every day and you use the wrong hairspray for your hair type, it’s likely that you might face some unwanted consequences. 

For example, if you’re wondering what happens if you don’t use hairspray correctly, the answer is varied. Firstly, it can result in clogging up the pores of your scalp, limiting its “breathing” ability. By using excessive amounts of hairspray, you also risk getting dandruff. Furthermore, too much of the wrong type of hairspray can result in hair breakage. 

So, what is the right answer for you? 


How should you use hairspray?

If you choose to use hairspray every day, that should be perfectly okay. As long as you are using the right type and amount of product. Remember that you can wash or brush out hairspray from your hair before going to sleep and this means you can reapply the right hairspray for you on your hair the next day. 

For others who are concerned about using hairspray every day, we have some tips on how to use it correctly. Here they are:

    • As opposed to using hairspray every day, rather apply it every two to three days after washing or brushing your hair. 
    • Spray the hairspray in short bursts over the desired area (holding the nozzle down for about one to two seconds).
    • It’s also crucial to spray at a distance of around 30 cm away from the hair.
    • Finally, make sure you consult with a professional about what hairspray is right for your hair so that if necessary, you can use it more frequently.  


The bottom line

When it comes to using hairspray, the situation becomes complicated because some people use the wrong hairspray for their hair, they use too much, they apply it incorrectly or a combination of all of these factors. However, when used the right way, using hairspray every day can be something that you do for yourself and your hairstyle to ensure it looks absolutely great and remains fixed for hours on end. 

Washing or brushing your hair frequently means that you can reapply hairspray on your hairstyle the next day without having to worry. However, if you need professional advice, the best thing to do is to speak to our hairdressers in Holborn. They are professionals who know about all the different varieties of hair types so that you can be guided and advised in the best possible way.