How To Take Care Of Fine Hair

The definition of fine hair is hair that lacks strength, body, and volume. And tends to break easily. But it also comes with benefits – it dries quickly after washing and is simple to comb and style.

As genes are responsible for the thickness and volume of hair there’s not a lot you can do about changing that. However, with the right products and the perfect haircuts for fine hair, you can make your hair stronger, fuller, and really healthy. See how to take care of fine hair naturally here…

Your At-a-Glance Guide

To avoid limp hair, you can wash daily with a lightweight volumizing shampoo and conditioner that won’t weigh hair down.

Try an advanced haircut like Calligraphy Cut every six to eight weeks to add volume and create fuller looking hair. Calligraphy Cut has been scientifically proven to be the healthiest way to cut hair and even helps to prevent split ends.

Make an appointment for a vibrant colour to make hair look and feel fuller – don’t overdo as this can weaken stands, leading to breakage

Style with volumizing sprays, texturizers, and root lifters – and use a boar bristle circular brush for added volume.

Apply dry shampoo before bed to allow hair time to absorb excess oil as you toss and turn.

Fine Hair and Diet

Your diet can have a direct relationship to your hair – thinning hair can be due to a lack of nutrients or a vitamin deficiency. You can help to prevent any further hair loss by:

Eating plenty of foods rich in vitamin B such as whole grains, eggs, spinach, and seeds – B vitamins are known to improve the look and feel of hair.

Avoiding white sugar as these have been linked to hair loss – opt for whole foods with natural sugars.

Adding cinnamon to cereal and morning latte – cinnamon improves circulation and brings nutrients to hair follicles.

Reducing the risk of thinning hair by adding collagen – known for its benefits of improving blood circulation and increasing amino acids.

natural solutions for damaged hair

Fine Hair and Lifestyle

Your lifestyle can also play a direct role in the health of your hair. To make sure hair stays as healthy as possible simply:

Avoid stress by taking the time to ease your mind and concentrate on self-care.

Massage your scalp for a few minutes every day to promote hair growth by stimulating the follicles.

Be aware that the longer you grow your hair the more it’ll taper and thin – consider hair extensions if you really want long hair.

Transform Fine Hair with a Calligraphy Cut

How to make fine hair thicker is just one of the specialties of stylists from Frankie Cochrane. Calligraphy haircuts for fine hair can increase the volume of the hair by up to 300%!

The calligraphy cut is made with a calligraphy razor that cuts the hair obliquely and allows the individual strands of hair to be extremely flexible. The art of this beautiful hair cutting technique results in thicker and fuller hair that’s easy to style.

Your stylist will be specially trained to achieve the desired result of a bouncier look from the roots to the ends. And there aren’t any harsh lines so the hair assumes a weightless feel. The calligraphy effect can effortlessly be styled at home.

Recommended Products for Fine Hair

Performing hair care products include:

Natural volumizing spray for fine hair – a rich source of amino acids that hydrate and coat the hair.

Natural and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners – that also contain vitamins and proteins.

Hair masks – made from rice starch without preservatives – applied to clean hair and left to sit for about an hour.