Protect Your Hair From Cold Weather

The winter months are upon us and naturally, we’ll be exposed to snow, rains, cold air, hot air conditioners and more. This ultimately means that your hair will go through a tough time. And if you’re wondering can cold weather ruin your hair, the short answer is that it can seriously dehydrate it and leave you with less gloss and shine. To avoid this situation, there are a couple of handy tips and tricks you may wish to follow to keep the lustre of your hair through the cold months. Take a look below.

Winter hair care routine

A comprehensive winter hair care routine can help reduce dehydration and the appearance of dry hair overall. Wondering what you need to do? Here are some tips you might follow:

  • Wash less frequently if dry: if you have dry hair already, you may wish to wash it less frequently than you usually do. Keep washes to a minimum. Of course, this will depend on your hair type but it will ultimately help reduce hair dehydration.
  • Wash with lukewarm water: another tip to consider is the temperature of the water that you use to wash your hair. Water that is too hot or too cold can also have a detrimental effect on your hair. So, using lukewarm water is a great middle ground.
  • Be gentle when blow drying: of course, you do not want to go outside in the cold with wet hair but using hair dryers and straighteners can further dry out your hair. If you must use hair dryers and straighteners, make sure you use a heat protection spray on your hair and a diffuser on your hair dryer. As for straighteners, try to use ceramic ones instead of metal as these can help reduce hair breakages. 
  • Put on a hat: wearing a hat is an easy and convenient way of protecting your hair from the natural elements in winter. Since hats can also serve a double function of being an accessory, you can both protect your hair and look stylish at the same time.
  • Use moisture restoring shampoos and conditioners: because of the dehydration of the hair that can take place during the cold months, you should select special shampoos and conditioners when washing. These should ultimately be moisture restoring ones to help you deal with the dryness. 
  • Treat it with oil: whether it’s after shampooing or after drying your hair, using oils on it such as Argan oil can help you reduce dryness and breakages as well as improve gloss and shine. 
  • Get regular trims for split ends: having your split ends cut on a frequent basis during winter is another great way to ensure that your hair looks and feels healthy. Dried split ends can lead to more tangles when brushing and this can break your hair, further damaging it.
  • Style by avoiding ponytails: another easy solution is to avoid tying up your hair in ponytails in winter. Why? Because elastic bands can contribute to brittle hair as well as further hair breakages. This will leave you with more fuzz on your hair than you’d like and avoiding ponytails is one way to preserve your hair’s great condition for longer. 

Winter hair care you can rely on

Whether you need a more drastic cut or just some tips on how to prevent your hair from breaking and drying out in winter, you can always rely on our friendly professionals to help. Our hair salon in Holborn is staffed with the nicest hair stylists you can hope for and they’re professionals at what they do. So, for any tips, help or advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!