Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

make your hair colour last longer
You’ve just had your hair dyed and you’re noticing that the colour is washing out each time you take a shower. This can create a faded look that can give your hair the appearance of not being too healthy. But there are some reasons for this. And even better – there are ways for you to make your hair colour last longer. So, if you’re wondering why does hair dye fade, keep reading below.

Why is My Colour Fading?

For those who are struggling with the question “why does my hair dye fade so fast”, you’re in luck. This is because we’ve prepared a couple of reasons why this is happening and what you can do to address it. In essence, these reasons are why your hair is fading – irrespective of whether you’re using permanent or temporary dye. Let’s take a closer look.

The Application Was Wrong

As a rule of thumb, it’s always crucial that you check the manufacturer’s instructions before you dye your hair. This will mean looking at what container the dye needs to be mixed in, the duration of time you have to wait before washing the colour out of your hair and other important instructions. Not following the instructions could see your hair colour fading quickly.

The Products Weren't Right For You

Products that contain sulphates such as shampoos should be avoided. In addition, you should avoid washing your hair immediately after applying colour to it.

You've Washed too Often

Washing your hair too often can be harmful and can cause the colouring to fade. Also, using hot water can also damage your hair because it washes out essential oils that are needed to give your hair a healthy appearance. 

You've Faded the Colour With Heated Tools

Hairdryers, hair straighteners, curlers, irons and more – all these can affect your hair and to avoid seeing your dye fade and wash out, you should avoid using these appliances as much as possible. 

Environmental Factors are Fading Your Hair Colour

If you’re a frequent beach goer or someone who enjoys swimming in a pool, remember that the natural elements can be harmful as well. Seawater is salty whereas pool water contains chlorine. In addition, the sun’s rays can also have harmful effects and you should try to avoid staying in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Despite all of the above, there are certain steps you help make your hair colour last longer.

Prepare For Your Hair Colour

Be gentle with your hair: be sure to avoid treating your hair with harsh chemicals or heat treatments a few weeks before you dye it.
Do hair repair: before you dye your hair, be sure you repair any damage. This can include things like washing it with a sulphate-free shampoo, applying a conditioner and more.
Clean it well: there are conflicting claims about whether you should leave your hair dirty before dying or wash it beforehand. It’s actually advisable to have clean hair so that the hair colour pigments can attach themselves to the hair follicle better.

The Hair Colouring Process at Frankie Cochrane Hairdressing, Holborn

Try a different product, brand or process: if you notice that a certain brand or process isn’t working for you, it’s always a safe option to try a different one. 
Apply heat: use a hair dryer over a plastic cap while the dye is setting in. This will help the molecules be absorbed by the hair better.
Consult the professionals: don’t hesitate to seek professional advice because every person’s hair is different.
Wait before you wash: it’s also advisable that you wait around 72 hours after dying it to wash your hair. This will enable it to set in properly. 

How to Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer at Home

Reduce the use of shampoos: washing your hair too frequently can damage it. Use shampoos sparingly and if you do use one, ensure it is sulphate-free.
Avoid heat: avoid heat treatment appliances such as hair dryers or flat irons. This can make the colour fade that much faster.
Use products specifically created for colour-treated hair: these products are especially designed for colour-treated hair. Don’t be afraid to use them because they protect your hair. 
Check the pH of your water: whether you are doing a wash or a rinse, be sure to check the pH of your water. If it’s hard water, it can also play a role in the dye fading faster. You can always install a filter to help you with this.

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Dying your hair is exciting and can give you a brand new makeover. However, if you notice that your dye is fading too quickly, you may want to see a specialist at a hair colourist salon. Our expert hair stylist in Holborn can help you choose the best product and brand for your hair as well as discuss the best options for your hair type and lifestyle. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!