How To Make Grey Hair Smooth & Shiny

Grey hair is simply hair that has lightened typically due to ageing. But the great news is that grey hair is now considered a trendy style regardless of your age! There's an abundance of hair care options to keep your grey hair bright and beautiful. See how to make grey hair smooth and shiny naturally here…

Understanding grey hair

Grey hair often absorbs more pollution and can become dull or yellow quite quickly. It also tends to become drier and brittle due to the ageing process as less sebum is produced which is a natural moisturiser.

As pigment cells are lost curly or naturally coarse grey hair will need deeper conditioning, whilst if the texture of your grey hair is fine it will need less. Natural grey hair can vary in both texture and thickness and needs special attention to keep it looking its best.

Blow drying grey hair with a cold setting at the end of drying each section will help with hydrogen bond reformation, closing the cuticle to facilitate light reflection and shine.

Treatments for grey hair

A high-quality purple shampoo will help neutralise any brassy tones as they’re formulated without sulphates and can be used as a delicate cleanser. Your grey hair will be bright, vibrant and shiny after washing, lathering, and rinsing. You can then use a nourishing conditioner once a week, or when needed.

If your grey hair is dry or frizzy you can opt for hair masks or daily leave-in conditioners. Conditioning masks are thick and heavy and bind to the scalp and hair. You should leave them on for a while, and use them at least once a month.

A quality leave-in conditioner makes grey hair soft and manageable as it tames frizz and reduces fly-aways, keeping curls smooth. A long-lasting leave-in serum will also lock in moisture and improve hair shine and softness.

A shine spray that’s quick-drying will reveal silk and shiny grey hair, and also help to preserve its colour without weighing hair down. And a clear finishing oil that's not too heavy or greasy can also dial up the shine.

Highlights for grey hair

As dark hair turns grey it may have a salt and pepper effect, but often when light or medium coloured hair starts to go grey it can become dull. You can choose to apply a subtle gloss in a lighter colour than your natural hair entirely, providing subtle highlights. Or you can brighten your hair with silver highlights using a silver gloss creating a more dramatic look.

Ombre grey hair is a two-toned hair colour where the hair is generally darker at the roots and transitions into grey as it reaches the tips. The grey ombre hair trend is going to be one of the hottest examples of 2022.

Grey hair takeaways

  • You’ll need to include different shampoos and conditioners in your hair care routine.
  • Naturally curly and coarse grey hair will need extra moisture and deep conditioning.
  • Curly fine grey hair often works well with leave-in conditioners.
  • Use a heat-protective spray when styling your hair to avoid excessive heat.
  • Protect your hair from UV rays with a scarf or hat.
  • Keep grey hair healthy by exercising regularly and eating a diet filled with proteins and nutrients, and remember to drink plenty of water.

Call on the professionals

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