Which Hairstyle is Right For You?

Choosing The Right Hairstyle at Holborns Best Hair Salon

It can often seem difficult choosing a hairstyle that really flatters your face shape. In fact, you may not really know what your face shape is! To determine this, you need to look at your hairline, jawline, and the width and length of your face.

The most common face shapes are round, long, heart, oval, diamond, square, and rectangular. By measuring, outlining your face on a mirror, or asking a friend to help, you can identify the category you fit into. Then you can see how to choose the right hairstyle for you.

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Be Round Face Savvy

Round face dimensions are usually as wide as they are long. Other characteristics include wider hairlines, shorter necks, and fullness below the cheekbones. Round faces often make you look younger. And you can go for more youthful styles.

What hairstyles look good on a round face? Bear in mind that there are many things that can affect the finished style including:

  • The length of your hair
  • The weight and texture of your hair
  • Your age
  • Your everyday requirements

Taking all of these factors into account the styles that best suit round faces are:

  • Styles that add length and volume to elongate your face
  • Deep side partings that create angles around the face
  • High ponytails that add height to your face perfectly
  • Short pixie cuts that add texture and slants
  • Long and straight or slightly wavy

Flattering Hairstyles

Hairstyles for long faces need to make your face appear wider than it is. Loose and wild natural curls work really well. Or use styling tools to create big waves around the cheekbone area. Shoulder-length hair is a great choice.

Heart shaped faces normally have a prominent forehead. And a small narrow chin. You can accentuate this tapered shape by pulling hair into a high top-knot. Shoulder length hair works best to balance features by adding volume to the bottom of your face.

Oval faces are evenly proportioned and don’t have any prominent areas. If you’re lucky enough to fit into this category you can choose from short styles to really long tresses.

If you have a diamond-shaped face where your forehead and jawline are a similar width. And your chin is pointed. You’ll need a bob cut or shoulder length wispy look. Try a style that tucks in behind the ears to enhance bone structure. Or straight across bangs to shorten longer faces.

A soft layered cut can soften the appearance of a rectangle shaped face. Add horizontal volume with waves and curls, or opt for updos of soft and romantic chignons. Hairstyles for a rectangular face include layered cuts, rounded fringes, and curtain bangs.

Choosing a Hairstyle With The Experts

Why not visit your local boutique hair salon and get all the help and advice you need on choosing a hairstyle that is perfect for you? Ask “which hairstyle suits my face?” And whatever your face shape you’ll get a cut that suits you. Trained and experienced stylists will take into account the characteristics of your hair. And the shape of your face. And you’ll leave the salon looking and feeling amazing.