How Do Clip In Hair Extensions Work?

Hair loss – or the thinning of hair on the scalp – is extremely common. And can cause psychological distress. It can be treated with a number of medications, or by non-invasive hair replacement systems.

And now there’s another popular option – a quick, easy, and temporary approach to transforming the look of your hair – clip-in hair extensions. And they’re safe for men, women and young adults to wear. So, how do clip-in hair extensions work? Read on…

Get Clip-in Hair Extension Savvy

Snap-on clips are the key – sturdy and secure clips with silicone grips will keep the extensions tightly attached without any fear of falling out. They’re simply operated by clicking to open and click to close.

Extensions come in one piece or multiple sections. These are called wefts, and they vary in width. Trusted manufacturers will ensure they’re ready to wear without washing as they will have been sanitised at the factory and are completely hygienic.

How do hair extensions work? You can blend hair extensions with short or long hair. And hair extensions for hair loss and thinning hair are also a seamless way to balance your extensions naturally.

Thin hair will benefit from wefts with less hair and less weight – giving extra volume and beauty, and staying totally comfortable to wear. A small amount of hairspray will help secure the hair to the wefts, and layering the extensions will give you all the volume you desire.

Follow These Easy Guidelines

Instructions for how to clip in hair extensions are as follows:

  1. Use a soft paddle brush to brush your own hair and get rid of any tangles. Remember to brush every weft from bottom to top before use too. And bear in mind these instructions are for a full 10-piece set of wefts.
  2. Separate a thin section of hair with a comb at the base of your neck- clipping the rest of your hair away with a slide or clasp. Take a weft and brush it before clipping into your hair.
  3. Measure the weft against your head to make sure it fits – find the centre of your head and clip into the roots as close as you can. Once this middle clip has been secured you can clip to the left and the right, pulling each weft taught.
  4. Separate another section of hair above and clip the rest away. Brush out the weft and measure against your head to ensure it fits. Find the centre point and secure the clip – then click the side clips.
  5. Continue with this technique a further twice at the back of the head, finishing with a weft about two inches from the crown.
  6. Start at the side of the head about two inches above the ear. Brush out the appropriate weft and secure in the centre followed by the side clips. Follow with another extension above this initial fitting, ending with a weft clipped at the roots. Repeat this procedure on the other side.

Visit the Professionals

Why not take a trip to see stylists at the Frankie Cochrane hair salon? You’ll be able to discuss your concerns about thinning hair. And be recommended a Calligraphy haircut – performed by a stylist with specialist training – to give hair volume and bounce.

This technique works wonders for fine hair, and the unique razor blade of the pen actually prevents damage. And creates an increase in hair volume of up to 300%! You’ll easily be able to style your hair at home between cuts too.

Your expert stylist will also be able to trim your extensions – and style them just the way you want.