Earthy Hair Colour Trends

Amber, terracotta, cinnamon, carrot, rust, ochre - no matter what you call it, orange is the colour for fall 2018. We can see it in the shops on the high streets, as shop windows sport blouses, dresses, handbags, and more in shades of orange ranging from bright pumpkin to burnt orange.

These are the colours reflected on the streets themselves. The leaves on the trees turning from green to yellow to orange make the perfect backdrop to the earthy tones of a pumpkin-coloured fall jacket.

Choosing colours for the season

Why orange this year? Have you wondered how fashion colours get chosen? How do clothing designers all get onto the same page and create clothes in the same colours? Back in 1915, a group of textile manufacturers got together and created the Colour Association of the United States (CAUS). They wanted to make sure they weren't headed for financial ruin by weaving and dyeing huge amounts of cloth that they wouldn't be able to sell. With the rise of department stores and mass markets, the idea of predicting colour trends became an important aspect of their work.

The CAUS work has developed since its inception over 100 years ago. Now, a committee comes together, with influential designers and buyers joining textile manufacturers, to talk about colours  and trends, and try to develop a palette for a season. The ideas will be two years in the making before the colours are actually seen adorning the bodies of women on the street.

The colours come together five different categories: women's fashion, menswear, youth fashion, beauty products, and the newest category of interiors and environment. That means that when you buy a pumpkin-coloured outfit, you're more likely to find accessories that match, from scarves to lipstick.

Hair colours for the season

Not everyone wants to change their hair colour to match what's happening in the fashion industry in the season. But with this season's colour palette, there's plenty of opportunity to make your hair colour stand out. Cosmopolitan magazine calls out toffee blonde and Vogue talks about whisky brown, and any rich brown, honey blonde, or vibrant grey is bound to look good against the warmth of the fall palette.