Boost Fine Hair With Calligraphy Cut

Paul has been banging on about the calligraphy cut for fine hair for a while now: it's great! it's revolutionary! it's exclusive to us! I keep telling him that unless you know what the term means, no one is going to appreciate what it actually means. So here's the scoop.

If you're one of those women who has fine hair that seems to want to do nothing but hang straight in a 1970s look that may have suited Cher at the time, but not many others, then you're going to want to pay attention. There's now a way to make your hair easier to shape, feel lighter and bouncier, and have more volume and texture. You'll also use less product, which tends to weigh down fine hair, and keep your hair manageable throughout the day. And let’s face it, the feeling of being able to run your fingers through your hair and have it look good afterwards? What a novelty for our fine-haired beauties.

A master German stylist discovered that cutting hair on an angle - much like the way you cut flower stems on an angle - gives hair more volume, and lets your hair move more naturally. Cutting hair this way involves a specific technique and a specific tool. It took the inventor eight years to perfect a blade that works to cut hair on an angle just right. As well, the hair stylist using the tool needs to have learned the proper technique to get the hair to have that full-volume look and feel.

Because using the tool feels like using a fine writing instrument, this technique is called the Calligraphy Cut. The name makes more sense now, right? If you want to see some beautiful examples of hair given the Calligraphy Cut treatment, there's an online magazine devoted to this technique.

Calligraphy Cut Magazine