Blending Grey Hair With Highlights & Lowlights

According to recent surveys, grey hair in both men and women is extremely attractive! Grey is sophisticated, sexy, and powerful yet also flexible and surprising, especially when embracing it with highlights and lowlights that help create contrast and depth alongside your hair's natural beauty.

There are so many options to choose from when blending grey hair with highlights and lowlights. Take a look at some of the most popular hairstyles here…

Grey blending bobs

Cool-toned grey highlights give bobs movement and colour. Blending incorporates the grey leaving some pieces lighter than the rest for subtle, natural highlights. This camouflage creates a smooth transition to lighter shades.

Blended blonde greys

Giving a blonde under-colour to silver hair and blending the greys acts like stunning highlights. Silver streaks add texture and highlight any layers providing an extra dimension.

Blending with bangs

Blending is ideal for colouring grey bangs as the degree of colouring can be adjusted depending on the percentage of overall grey hair. It can also give a unique colour if your hair is more than 80% grey.

Blending on long hair

Great for both long and layered cuts the grey combines perfectly with light, pink or even red highlights! Adding silver or gold toner creates amazing effects, and blending with beige tones can provide darkening that suits dark eyes and fair skin.

Blending on short hair

Short haircuts look great with blending that rejuvenates with strand to strand techniques that form a harmony between your natural hair colour and your grey. By lightening and darkening, grey hair adapts naturally to the rest of your hair with gloss effects.

The difference between highlights and lowlights on grey hair

Basically, highlights are lighter than the base strands of your grey hair and lowlights are darker. Highlights require bleaching and the darker your grey more is needed to reach your desired level of colour. Techniques for highlights and lowlights are extremely varied and really need professional skill levels.

The benefits of blending highlights and lowlights

There are many advantages to this blend including accentuating the best features of your face with a quick and easy colouring that doesn't take too long. The results will be long-lasting and are suitable for both blonde and darker hair colours. Grey blending suits everyone as it takes into account your natural hair colour, complexion, eye colour and eyebrow shades.

Maintenance tips for grey hair

  • Wash your hair with lukewarm water to avoid stripping your hair of its natural oils.
  • Choose a shampoo and conditioner that nourishes and provides all the moisture you need without any sulphates.
  • To prevent silver hair from becoming brassy a purple shampoo will help neutralise these tones.
  • Leave-in conditioners offer hydration and ensure an easy detangling process and are the perfect addition to any wash.
  • Use heat-free styling products such as mousse to scrunch your hair and let it air dry.
  • A hair mask tailored to the needs of grey hair used just twice a week will help you make your grey hair smooth and shiny naturally.

When you need a hair colourist in Holborn

Get an individual haircut in Holborn based on grey hair care! You’ll get all the help and advice you need to keep split ends under control, as well as styling for healthy and shiny hair. The Styles Colour Clinic has experienced stylists that deliver lowlights and highlights in grey hair that will truly complete your style journey.