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Looking for the latest and greatest in hair colour trends? Look no further than Frankie Cochrane Salon - we are the balayage hair colour experts in Central London. Our highly skilled team is dedicated to staying on top of the latest techniques, including the ever-popular balayage. Whether you're looking for blonde, red, or fashion balayage, or even ombré, we can create the perfect look for you.

Our team thrives on the creativity and free-hand nature of the balayage technique, and our customers love coming back to see what new looks we've come up with. Plus, we offer complimentary hair colour consultations to ensure we understand your desired look and can deliver stunning results every time. So why wait? Book your appointment with London's best balayage hairdressers today!

The Balayage Experts in Central London


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What is Balayage?

Looking for the hottest hair colour trend in London? Look no further than Frankie Cochrane, the best balayage hairdressers in Central London. Balayage is a low-maintenance, hand-painted technique that leaves your roots and mid-lengths natural, growing lighter towards the ends.

Our expert colourists can create a range of looks, including sun-kissed blonde, red, pastel, and fashion balayage. Plus, balayage is a great face contouring technique, allowing us to add lighter colours where needed and darker shades to create a narrower face.

Let us work our balayage magic and book your appointment at Frankie Cochrane today to become a balayage babe!


Blonde Balayage

Looking for a natural-looking, sun-kissed hair color that's sure to turn heads? At Frankie Cochrane salon in Central London, we create the most beautiful blonde balayage hair colours in London - so natural looking that we won't tell, if you won't!

Our experts will use two or three different blonde shades to complement your base hair colour, skin tone, and eye colour, creating a look that truly makes your features pop. At Frankie Cochrane salon, we offer a range of blonde hair colours, including golden, ash, platinum, and strawberry blondes.

So why wait? Book your appointment today and get ready to rock the perfect blonde balayage!

Brunette Balayage

If you're a brunette looking to spice up your hair colour, balayage is the way to go! At Frankie Cochrane Hair Salon in Central London, our balayage specialists can create the perfect brunette balayage look just for you.

We'll hand-paint lighter shades throughout your hair, leaving your roots and mid-lengths untouched for a natural-looking effect. Whether you're after a subtle enhancement or a bold transformation, our team will work with you to find the perfect shades to complement your skin tone and bring out your best features.

So why not book a complimentary consultation with us today and let's create your dream brunette balayage look!

Red Balayage

At Frankie Cochrane Hair Salon in Central London, red balayage is a popular option for those with darker hair.

Whether you prefer a full or partial balayage, our experts can recommend the perfect red tones to enhance your unique style and features, based on your skin tone and eye colour. From bold fashion reds to deep auburn and plum shades, we've got you covered!

Simply talk to your Frankie Cochrane balayage colour specialist and get ready to show off your new look.

Face Framing Highlights

If you're not quite ready for a full balayage, consider flirting with a face-framing hair colour at Frankie Cochrane salon in Central London. From chunky, 90s inspired highlights to subtle blonde ones, we can create this trend in any colour on any hair base.

Let us contour your facial features with the perfect hairstyle and hair colour, as lighter colours can widen a narrow face and darker shades can slim it down.

Don't hesitate to book a consultation with one of our balayage hair colour experts today!

Balayage or Ombre?

Not sure what to ask for? Don't worry, the London balayage experts at Frankie Cochrane Hair Salon are here to guide you!

Balayage is a hair colouring technique where colour is hand painted onto the hair to create a natural-looking sun-kissed effect. Ombre, on the other hand, is a gradual fade from one hair colour to another, typically from darker roots to lighter ends.

Our Central London salon offers a complimentary colour consultation where you can show us pictures and discuss all the options before which technique is best for you!

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